Cigarettes Packing Machine Sold to Jordan

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email:
Mr.Mohammad Taher from Jordan in our company bought Cigarettes Packing Machine (cellophane packaging machine) . he is used to wrap cigarettes, packed into a single box cigarette together, the package size is 275 * 85 * 46mm. Customers also confirm with our sales manager a series of questions. Voltage, commissioning, and other technical aspects. Requirements will be sent to the machine to AQABA port. This is a sample diagram of the client to send us:
Our machines can not only packaging paper towels, can also be packaged play cards, cosmetics, gift boxes, books, stationery, health care products, medicine and so on. Send sample drawings and dimensions, we will recommend you for your machine. We will use a sincere heart and professional skills for your service