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Hazelnut butter packing machine

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email: [email protected]
Hazelnut sauce is children's favorite kind of sauce, it has a rich texture and sweet chocolate-like taste. With roasted filbert sauce produced was very nice, it looks like already "mature" frosting. On the basis of the original flavor of the hazelnut sauce, it can be equipped with some other ingredients, such as chocolate, sugar and so on.
Fresh delicious sauce hazelnut high nutritional value, rich in rich in vitamin E, add honey and hazelnut sauce containing a dozen amino acids needed by the human body, and some of the rich variety of active enzymes constants, trace elements, rich in minerals, and fat-free, and it helps digestion.
So hazelnut sauce how to do it?
First you need to hazelnut shelling baking, baking effect is to make the taste more delicate, and then grinding the baked hazelnut sauce, final Hazelnut Butter Pcking, our company to provide front-line services.

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