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automatic weighing machine in india

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email: [email protected]
Indian customers in our company bought a peanut shelling machine, peeling machine, baking machine, flavoring and automatic weighing machine of peanut, customers do snack industry, many peanuts should be addressed, then packaged peanuts transmitted to each point of sale. Requirements yield was 800kg / h, voltage 220V 50hz, and a series of problems. We can also be customized to yield and voltage according to customer requirements.
Our automatic weighing machine, PLC control, touch screen operation in English, simply enter the weight parameters, the system can automatically calculate bonus fast, slow bonus, it can automatically track the error correction value. Weighing more than just packing peanuts packing machine, automatic weighing machines to be packaged, like peanuts, grains, seeds, tea, oats, feed, spices, sugar, additives, laundry powder, granular materials quantitative packaging.

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