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Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine For Sale

Editor:Katherine time:2016-12-05 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
bottle shrink wrapping machineBottle Shrink Wrapping Machine also known as shrinking machine, shrink packaging machine, the market is one of the more advanced packaging methods. In addition to its own advantages, in addition to reduce the product was demolished, the possibility of theft; for multiple items tight packaging and pallet packaging. Heat shrink machine is widely used in glass bottles, styrofoam, paper boxes, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, fruits and commemorative labels.
There is a tableware shrink machine (tableware packing machine), specifically for the heat shrinkable tableware, the cutlery equipment is particularly suitable for tableware, software, print, biscuits, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, beverages and flooring industries such as large Bulk shrink film forming packaging.
For beer, beverages, pure water, fruit juice, dairy products, such as drinks, automatic packaging production line design.
With the feeding of raw materials, rationale bottles, wrapped film, sealing, shrinkage, cooling and other processes of the entire process of automation.
Shrink machine using the world's advanced thin film thermostat heat sealing technology, sealing clear, solid.
Sealing rapid cooling structure, to ensure high-speed production conditions, the sealing strength is higher.
Using PLC program automatic cycle control, stable and reliable performance.
Imported guide rod cylinder, to ensure accurate action. Durable.
Induction switch control to send film system, reliable regulation to send the film length, reduce wear and tear.
All transmission are frequency control, smooth and smooth transport.
Unique heat contraction channel, two sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system, heat balance, shrink fastening, beautiful.
Three-layer insulation treatment, good insulation properties, heating up fast, saving energy.
Enhanced cooling stereotypes channel, but the packaging film into a high-intensity state quickly to facilitate storage and transportation.
Packaging and bottle-type combination of changes to facilitate adjustment can be achieved using a multi-purpose function.

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