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Hot Selling Cellophane Packing Machine for Perfume Box

Editor:Katherine time:2016-09-28 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
cellophane packing machine
Perfume paper box is a common carton packaging. Compared to other packaging and raw materials in the production of the above we have great price advantage, loved by some low-end perfume products.
This cellophane packing machine is mainly suitable for tobacco, medicine, food, health care products, cosmetics, audio-visual products, such as square appearance decoration items in a box, the packaging industry. Such as PCS, chewing gum, health care products, tea, sugar, condoms, rubber, mosquito-repellent incense, cigarette, tape, VCD discs (CDS), playing CARDS, transparent soap, square type batteries, such as a floppy disk have played an important role in security, moisture, and improve product class, increase the added value products. This automatic cellophane packing device can and cartoning machine joint production. 
Main features: 
1. The structure is compact and reasonable, stable performance is advanced, convenient operation and maintenance, outside the framework of stainless steel material; 
2. Adopt multi-function digital frequency inverter, and stepless variable speed; 
3. The mould replacement is convenient, flexible; 
4. With automatic feeder, automatic counting, etc; 
5. The driving part is equipped with all kinds of protection devices and fault prompt; 
6. Equipped with commissioning the clutch of film, do not waste packing material. 

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