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Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine For Cosmetic Box

Editor:Katherine time:2018-01-10 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
cosmetics box packaging machine
This automatic cosmetic box cellophane wrapping machine’s applicable material is cellophane and BOPP coating film, and this machine is general equipment to make 3d packing for different specifications carton or hard side body objects. Its regards mechanical linkage as the main body, adopts stepless frequency control of motor speed and automatic control electrical accessories. The machine integrating machine, electricity and gas as a whole, has compact structure, beautiful performance, convenient operation and easily maintenance, small volume, light weight and high degree of automation, etc.
This automatic cosmetic box cellophane wrapping machine is driven by pneumatic cylinder,the servo motor controls the film falling, the setting and adjustment of the film length could be adjusted freely,with the advantage of stable and reliable operation, high speed,  firm packing, smooth and beautiful. The frame of machine is made up of imported high quality nice aluminium alloy or stainless steel and closed safe glass shield. Automatic cellophane box packing machine could do packing, feeding, folding, heat-sealing, counting and stick U type tear tape automatically. Malfunction automatic self-diagnosing and alarming, Changing few parts could pack different sizes of different products.


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