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After-sale Installation of Cellophane Wrapping Machine For English Customer

Editor:Katherine time:2019-07-15 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
Customer from England ordered one unit of Cellophane Wrapping Machine from LONGER Machinery. We have assigned our Technical Engineer to install and debug the machine.Customer is business of manufacturing and selling cosmetics. Many kinds of cosmetics box is with cellophane wrapping. 
Cellophane is regenerated cellulose, its molecular group gap there is a wonderful breath ability, which is very beneficial to the preservation of goods. It is not fire-resistant but heat-resistant, can be at 190 ℃ under high temperature deformation, in food packaging and food with high temperature sterilization.
cellophane wrapping machine
In addition, since cellophane raw materials from natural, so has a strong easy decomposition. Use it after packaging items, rust, moisture, pollution. Cellophane molecular chain there is a wonderful micro-permeability, allowing goods like eggs through the microporous on the egg skin as breathing, which is the preservation and preservation of goods activity is very beneficial to oil, alkaline and organic solvents There is a strong resistance; does not produce static, not self-absorption of dust; with natural fibers, in the garbage can be broken down into water, and will not cause environmental pollution.
Cellophane wrapping is widely used in the goods of the liner and decorative packaging paper. Its transparency makes the inside of the goods at a glance, but also has moisture, impermeable, airtight, heat sealing and other properties, the goods play a good protective effect. Compared with ordinary plastic film, it has no static, dustproof, good kink and so on. Cellophane with white, color and so on.
Cellophane is with good tensile strength, gloss and printability. Production methods and paper, and artificial silk process similar. Alkali cellulose is prepared by refining chemical pulp or cotton linter dissolving pulp with high α-cellulose content, and alkalizing (18% sodium hydroxide), pressing and crushing, and adding carbon disulfide after aging Of yellow cellulose into xanthate, dissolved with sodium hydroxide solution is made of orange cellulose viscose. The adhesive is cooked at a temperature of 20 to 30 DEG C and filtered to remove impurities and remove air bubbles, and then extruded through a slit in a slit film machine into a coagulation bath of a mixture of sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate (Regenerated cellulose film), and then processed by water washing, desulfurization, bleaching, desalting and plasticizing (glycerol and ethylene glycol, etc.), and finally made by drying. For pharmaceuticals, food, cigarettes, textiles, cosmetics, precision instruments and other goods packaging.

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