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Bopp Film Wrapping Machine For Condom Box

Editor:Katherine time:2017-01-06 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
condom packing machineAutopackm.com is committed in providing high quality Condom Packing Machines, which are used for wrapping condoms box using BOPP film. Condom Box Packing Machine is a kind of Cellophane Wrapping Machine, which is mainly used to pack different kinds of paper box.

Cellophane packaging machine using BOPP film as packing material, the different specifications of the cardboard boxes, packaging products for three-dimensional packaging of the common equipment. Transparent paper (film) with a printed graphic or holographic laser mark of the folding cable, the adhesive paste, the finished product can be easily folded and anti-counterfeiting function. condom packing machine

This condom packing machine is suitable for wrapping various kinds of small boxed items such as medicine, health products, nutritional supplements, food, daily cosmetics, stationery, VCD, poker, cigarettes and so on. It is an ideal box type 3D packaging equipment.
1. Replacement of the mold without the need to adjust the height of the work surface on both sides of the machine, without disassembly and discharge chain, put the hopper, the traditional four-hour mold replacement time is reduced to just 30 minutes now.
2. The new double insurance institutions, card box without downtime can also ensure that the machine running simultaneously.
3. The original one-way handwheel prevents the machine from rocking backwards, and the handwheel does not turn during operation to make the operator safer. 4. The new double-rotary knife and knife-cutting knife can ensure that the machine can be used for many years without a knife blade, to overcome the traditional fixed single rotary cutting blade easy to wear defects.
The main technical parameters:
Packaging materials BOPP smoke film and the cable
Packing speed 40 to 80 bags / min
The largest package size (L) 240 × (W) 120 × (H) 60 mm
Power and total power 220V 50Hz 5kw
Machine weight 500kg
Machine dimensions (L) 2000 × (W) 700 × (H) 1400mm

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