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Cankey as a flow wrap packaging machine manufacturer, founded in 2010, it is a professional intelligent assembly line equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning and technical services. Our products are mainly used in many industries such as food, medicine, and daily chemical industry. We are an equipment supplier for many well-known food companies at home and abroad. Our products are exported to more than 100 countries and have provided packaging solutions for more than 6,000 companies. The machine has passed the EU safety CE certification.
Our company has professional technicians, engineers, and after-sales service personnel, forming a high-quality and innovative team.
We can provide customers with complete line packaging solutions and perfect one-stop services. Meet the packaging needs of customers, and provide customers in various industries with fast services in the whole process of technical consultation, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, technical training, and maintenance.
We combine our own packaging technology with the research on automation systems, and continue to create classics of automation packaging systems. Free people from the heavy packaging production line and let machines replace manual work. Improve production efficiency for customers, save manpower and material resources, and reduce production costs.
Field service:
Our engineers can go to the production site and design packaging solutions for customers free of charge. And there is a professional after-sales team to solve installation, repair, maintenance and other problems for you.
Pre-sales: Engineers can provide you with professional packaging machine selection and packaging planning free of charge before sales. Make sure you get the right packaging machine.
Sales: Engineers are responsible for commissioning and commissioning of on-site equipment. After the equipment is successfully debugged, a commissioning report is given to the user, and the user is trained on site.
After-sales: The company has a professional after-sales service system, which can provide you with various services in a timely manner.

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