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Milk Packing Machine Price

Editor:Katherine time:2016-09-28 Email: [email protected]
milk packing machine
This kind of Milk Packing Machine requires the use of a mechanical auxiliary air compressor, can be fully automatic packaging machines, simple operation, effective direct use 220v voltage efficiency, save labor cost of packaging.
This machine uses hydraulic paragraph quantitative measurement, quantitative accuracy and with controllable speed. Automatic tempature control, no need manual operation, the liquid material poured into the machine can be fully automated quantitative packaging, sealing, once formed.
Multi-functional milk packaging machine is applicable to all industries, can be packaged liquid, paste, sauces, milk, soft drinks, milk, water, peanut oil, shampoo, liquid food, liquid chemical, pharmaceutical medicine, etc.
Applicable bags; composite film transparent bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, all kinds of heat seal the bag web, and so on.

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