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Milk Packing Machine Price? For Pouch, Bottle, Paper Box Milk Packing

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milk filling packing machineMilk is one of the oldest natural beverage, known as "white blood", the importance of the human body can be imagined. It suggests that it is milk from cows who are female out of the past. In different countries, milk is also divided into different levels. The most common is whole, low-fat and skim milk.
About the packing methods of milk:
1. Sterile plastic packaging materials are specially treated plastic bag with a layer of black coating, the coating can play the role of isolation light. However, due to relatively thin sterile plastic bags, even after special treatment, the isolated light effect can not be compared with the aluminum foil, so room temperature shelf life of milk is probably about 30 days.
2. Glass bottle is the traditional milk packaging, environmentally friendly, reusable, low cost. Non-toxic, odorless, transparent, beautiful, good barrier, airtight, and with heat and pressure resistance, clean features, both high-temperature sterilization, but also low temperature storage. But its drawback is inconvenient to carry heavy weight, easily broken.
3. Gabriel package - the structure of the multilayer aseptic composite film, there are three black and white film, there are also high barrier layer 5, 7 layer co-extruded film and plastic composite film, its shelf life span of different materials ranging from 30 days to 180 days . Gabriel package is a new low-cost packaging, using Gabriel package milk packaging shelf life is generally 45 days, add appropriate preservatives, its shelf life can reach 2 to 3 months.
4. SIG Combibloc - Combibloc is a sterile packaging, similar to Tetra Pak. Combibloc packaging are "open" packaging, perfusion his way directly implanted in the paper tray, the tray upper non-sealing, milk first infusion, then the machine automatically sealing the top of the carton, in order to ensure that the entire process without perfusion bacteria, sterile air inside the device is under positive pressure, so that the milk and timely closure top box a certain gap, and the air voids are sterile, do not affect the quality of the milk.

The principle of pneumatic milk filling machine :
This series filling machine is of foreign advanced filling machine technology transformation and innovative products, its structure is simple and reasonable, high accuracy, easy to operate, user-friendly design more in line with requirements of modern enterprises. Widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, family medicine and special trades, it is ideal equipment for high viscosity fluids, the paste filling.
1, Stainless steel body
Machine thick stainless steel 304L, with anti-corrosion / for relatively harsh environment
2, Using high-quality snap
Pure high-quality stainless steel snap, snap stronger than normal, but also facilitate disassembly
3, Stainless steel components
Using internationally accepted integrated advanced concepts, the associated components integrated together, greatly improving the efficiency of the yuan stable component; it also brings convenience for subsequent repair work
4, Fine ruler
Filling machine is equipped with scale, customers can fine adjustment according to filling volume and improve the operability of the machine filling accuracy and controllability.


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