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Cashew Kernels|Nuts Packing Machine

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What kind of packing machine is suitable for packing Cashew Kernels? Here we suggest you to use LG-480 Nuts Packing Machine.

cashew packing machineAdvantages of LONGER® Cashew Kernels Packing Machine:
1, The weight range of Cashew kernels packing machine is generally from 20 grams to 2 kg, used for packaging various granular materials, with high efficiency and low energy consumption. More than three hundred watts can put into normal work and production, but the mechanical precision is very high, the space usually occupied by four thousand millimeters multiplied by one thousand millimeters, small footprint, high utilization of space, less energy consumption.
2, Rolling particles larger belt conveyors should pay attention to the stability and transmission loss of particulate matter, belt conveyor footprint is small, only three thousand millimeters long width is only four hundred millimeters, space-saving, greatly increasing the flexibility of the belt, the transmission efficiency can be better guaranteed, while energy consumption because of their relatively low weight and therefore required a smaller, low-power high efficiency particle packing machine is the biggest feature. The accuracy of particle packing machine is 0.2, the pressure is generally in the 0.4 to 0.6 atmospheric pressure.
3,This kind of machine can be widely used in our daily life to save time and labor. The packing materials can be polyethylene and polypropylene.
The maintenance of Cashew Kernels Packing Machine or particle packing machine is essential.
Mechanical lubrication
1, The housing part of the machine is equipped with fuel gauge, should be fully refuel before driving time, temperature rise and the functioning of the middle of each bearing can add it.
2, Worm gear box must be long-term storage of oil, its oil level is all worm invasion in oil, such as frequently used oil must be renewed every once in March, the bottom Nie oil plug, the oil can be put to use.
3, When the machine is refueling, do not spill the oil cup outside, not on the ground and to flow around the machine. Because the material is easy to oil pollution, affect product quality.
Maintenance Instructions:
1, Regular inspection parts, were once part of the inspection activities worm, the worm, the bolt on the block lubrication, bearings, etc. can turn flexibly and wear, find defects should be repaired, not be reluctant to use per month.
2, The machine should be placed on a clean dry indoor use, it shall not contain acids and other corrosive gases on the body circulation places to use in the atmosphere.
3, Remove the rotary drum for cleaning after finishing the packing, and then loaded properly, prepare for the next use.

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