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Automatic Cellophane Over Wrapping Machine LGB-200B Sold to America

Editor:Katherine time:2017-06-09 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
cellophane packing machine
American customer ordered one unit of automatic cellophane over wrapping machine LGB-200B from Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery. Customer needs this machine to over wrap poker box. 
Features of Automatic cellophane over wrapping machine LGB-200B:
1. Packing speed 50-100pcs/min, packing size range: (L)50-180mm(W)20-100mm(H)10-50mm, total power 4.5kw, dimension 3000*790*1550mm, and weight 750kg
2. Replace the mold without adjusting the height of the machine on both sides of the table, no need to dismantle the material chain, put hopper, the traditional machine four hours to replace the mold time is shortened to just 30 minutes now.
3. The use of new double insurance institutions, the machine does not stop when running without downtime will not damage other parts.
4. Unique one-way hand-crank device to prevent reverse shake the machine, and the operation will not turn the hand wheel to make the operator more secure.
5. The new double-rotation film cutter can ensure that the machine is used continuously for many years without grinding edge, to overcome the traditional fixed single rotation cutting blade easy to wear defects.
automatic box cellophane overwrapping machine
Advantages of Automatic cellophane over wrapping machine LGB-200B:
  1. High speed, sealed, stable performance, better security.
  2. Can automatically turn box, wiring, palletizing.
  3. With the current company's unique six hot and hot function.
  4. Break through the traditional design concept, greatly reducing the mold replacement time, more efficient.
  5. The use of new thickening of stainless steel sheet, imported electronic components, more reliable performance.
  6. With automatic feeding, wrapping, folding, side seal, end seal, up and down shaping, counting, automatic paste security and easy to pull lines and other functions.
  7. Use the original one-way hand-crank device to prevent reverse shake the machine, and the running hand wheel will not turn, more secure.
  8. Imported frequency converter and electrical components, more stable performance, strong sealing, smooth and so on.
  9. Just replace the mold can be packaged with different specifications of the product, a multi-purpose machine.
 10. The use of new dual-rotation film cutter, longer service life

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