Pillow Packing Machine Test Machine To Video

Editor:Ella, time:2016-06-28 Email: sales@longerinc.com

This is one of our  overseas friends customized finished machine, we are testing the effect of the machine.
Pillow packing machine is suitable for a variety of specifications for food and non-continuous packaging. Not only can unbranded packaging material packaging, but also be able to use pre-printed with the logo of materials for high-speed packaging. Pillow packing machine automatic positioning system comprising, in the production of packaging, packaging materials targeting the continuous standard photoelectric automatic positioning, and continuous optical positioning error compensation system according to work is divided into a retractable brake and two-synchronous transmission formula.

Pillow Packaging Machine Function: filling, sealing, weighing, bar code recognition, printing, labeling, coding, marking. It can be packaged ice cream, popsicles, bread, biscuits, candy, hardware,Instant noodle packing machine,Tissue packing machine etc.