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Powder Pouch Packing Machine

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The Basic Features of Powder Pouch Packing Machine:
1. Application: powder packaging machine for packaging small sticky powder such as: bone powder, milk powder, soybean milk powder, cereals, coffee and other automatic packaging materials.
2. Packaging materials: paper / polyethylene, cellophane / polyethylene, polyester / aluminum / polyethylene, polyester / polyethylene, powder packaging machine BOPP film, tea filter paper and other heat-sealable composite packaging materials.
3. Powder packaging machine powder packaging machine, packaging machine and packing machine, liquid packaging machine packing machine well-known as the three series.
Use wrapping paper rolls. An outer diameter of not more than 300mm, an inner diameter of the roll frame 75mm, between two separate trademark positioning control should be run out of points, the spot width of about 5mm, spot length of about 10mm, the spot should be clear, to the ink even, the contrast between the light spot and the greater control the more reliable the base paper.
Note also that the light at the point occupied by the sidebands should no longer have a logo or other text when the trademark design, so as to prevent false triggering light nod.
powder pouch packing machine
Advantages of powder pouch packing machine:
1. Packing speed and bag length can be infinitely adjusted within the rated range without replacing parts. Length of the bag packaging machine controller through a digital set, driven by a stepping motor pull bags, so easy to adjust the bag length, bag length is accurate, stable and reliable.
2. Sealing body using four heating control, it can be pre-set sealing temperature, automatic temperature control, to ensure good heat balance for a variety of packaging materials, in order to ensure tight sealing bag, smooth and beautiful.
3. Use high quality photoelectric switch (electric eye) of packaging material printed color control to detect and locate the packaging of finished obtain complete logo. (Intelligent Photoelectric color positioning control system can automatically excluded due to non-normal pattern and color printing and packaging material adverse impact caused by signal interference, stable and reliable.)
4. Automatically print packing finished batch number or production date.
5. On each bag of finished cut and easy to tear the mouth, consumer-friendly.
6. When changing the width of the bag packaging products, we need to replace the bag with a shaper.
7. All packaging materials are in contact parts are made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials, in line with hygiene standards in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry.
8. When conducting powder material packaging press the button, you can automatically complete the operation, running fast, fast efficiency.

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