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Rotary 8 Mouths Cement Filling Machine To Peru

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
Peruvian customers in our company bought a rotating 8 mouth cement packing machine. This is the second purchase customer, the first purchase of a double mouth cement packing machine, along with the expansion of production, the purchase of 8 mouth. Customers say the quality of our packaging machines is really good, I used two years without any problems. also to customers bring great benefits. We are delighted that the machine can bring profits and benefits for customers, but also very grateful to the friend from Peru's recognition of our machines, I believe we will get better and better.
Due to some technical problems operating the machine and some installation problems, our professional and technical personnel to Peru to installation and commissioning. And allow customers to master the technical proficiency and our technical personnel repatriation.
This type series rotary cement packing machine is not only used in cement, it is also widely used gypsum powder, talcum powder, lime powder, zinc oxide powder and other items.

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