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Round Type Tea Bag Machine Sold to Brazil

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Customer from Brazil ordered one set of Round Tea Bag Machine from our company. What is round tea bag machine? What is the application of round tea bag machine? How to install and maintain the round tea packing machine?
Introduction: Round tea packaging machine is one kind of tea bag packing machine, which is popular used in tea sachet making industry.
Compared with the traditional teabag packaging machinery, this round type tea packaging machine has its unique shape, technology and a lot of obvious advantages.
The round type packaging machine is with high technical content, through a special mold design and a different way to cut the filter paper and made of circular tea bag.
According to the requirements of customers supporting the hoist and round bag, which is the traditional bag tea machine can not be matched
Application: Green tea, black tea, tea, coffee, Chinese herbal medicine, plants and other filter items.
tea bag machine

tea bag machine
30-45bags/ min
Standard tea filter paper
Outer diameter
900*700*1800mm(L* W * H)
Installation and maintenance of tea packing machine
1. Installation
Tea packaging machine running without vibration, no need to install the foot bolt, can be placed directly on the hard ground, the foot of the four corners with a rubber pad flat, the whole body wall and horizontal plane vertical, and then connected to the power and cooling water. Cooling water can be used with tap water or recycled water.
2. Maintenance
A. The machine must work at room temperature 0-27 ℃ conditions, before the start of the machine must conduct a comprehensive inspection.
B. Before the start of the "lubrication indicated signs" on the lubrication point specified in the lubricating oil. After normal work according to the specified time filling lubricants.
C. Before the machine should be used to move, check the normal operation before use.
D. To be strictly in accordance with the degree of operation, with strict hard objects into the die, with a hard object percussion sucker roll, heat sealing roll.
E. When the work is completed, should cut off the power, and to be part of the heating after cooling, covered with dust shield.
F. The use and maintenance of the vacuum pump, refer to its instruction manual.

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