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Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine For Juice Bottles

Editor:Katherine time:2017-08-04 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
This high speed heat shrink wrapping machine is produced according to Japanese Techniques with their developed technique and rich experience, and all electrical elements are imported. This machine can be easily operated, of good quality and stable performance. The speed can be frequency varied but not classed. PLC is equipped to control the unit to reduce failure points. Circulated high efficiency air and auto temperature control at high efficiency area of heated contract furnace ensure contracting quality.
shrink wrapping machine for juice bottle
Application scope:
Skin package for grouped food and drinks, water bottle, juice bottle, milk bottle, bowl noodles, milk tea, mosquito coils, wallpaper, exercise books, filters, electrical switches, a variety of stationery, industry parts, commodities and cosmetics, etc.
heat shrink packing machine
Machine characteristics:
Stainless steel tube heating shrink tunnel
internal recycle, uniform heating shrink oven
Imported Italy silicon rubber tube material
International advanced technology shrink wrapping machine
Working with semi-automatic L type sealing and cutting machine or L type automatic sealing and cutting mahcine,etc.
shrink wrapping machine

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