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The Machine for Packing Sugar Sachet

Editor:Katherine time:2017-01-23 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
All our sugar packing machines are extremely compact, very fast and can handle high productivity loads; they are equipped with volumetric fillers. Automatic vertical sugar sachet packing machine with volumetric cup filler system to pack granule and free flow powder products like tea, sugar, salt etc. in heat sealable laminated pouches available at most competitive price and world class services ( Fix cups, Mechanical continuous motion machine )
machine for packing sugar sachet
Automatic sugar sachet packing machine: 
1.The automatic sugar sachet packing machine is fully automated operation, it can achieve product packing assembly line work, and improving production efficiency and significantly reduce product cost.
2.This automatic suagr sachet packing machine can automatically measure, make bags, fill, seal, cut, and print codes.
3. This machine can be used to pack variou granule, like sugar, salt, rice, seeds, beans, desiccant, nuts (cashew, pistachio,  almonds, peanuts etc).
4. Best quality packaging machine at most competitive price from the world renowned
5. Produced in the advanced state of the art manufacturing facility. Latest high-tech design for best performance 
6. Sturdy design for continuous 24 x 7 running of packing machine. All product contact parts of packaging machine are made-up of food grade materials.
7.Stringent quality control to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction. Very well accepted by customers from more than 100 countries globally.
8.Prompt and accurate delivery with excellent logistics support to even very remote locations all over the world. Best customer care and efficient after sales services.

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