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Video of Triangle Tea Sachet Packaging Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-03-29 Email: isle@cankeytech.com

This Triangle Type Tea Bag Packaging Machine is suitable for a variety of materials in accordance with a fixed proportion of materials were filled into a bag.
1. All stainless steel exterior, in line with GMP specifications.
2. Dust-proof device, to avoid the material into the machine interior, causing pollution.
3. Microcomputer control, measuring cup or screw metering. Automatic bagging, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and other functions, stepless adjustment bag length, oscillation cutting, printing date, easy to tear and other functions.
4, through the ultrasonic sealing and cutting, to produce beautiful bags and sealed solid triangle tea bag;
5, automatic quantitative measurement method can easily change in the production process filler volume;
6, the use of Siemens PLC control, touch screen operation: more stable performance, more simple operation, more humane;
7, SMC pneumatic components, Schneider Electric original, to extend the service life of the machine;
8, according to the shape of tea, optional electronic scales measurement or sliding cup measurement;
9, triangular cone bag and square flat bag production process just a key conversion;
Suitable for: dehydrated vegetables for instant noodles industry, Babao tea, Chinese herbal medicine, tea and other materials packaging.

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