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About Vacuum Packaging Machines

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vacuum packing machinevacuum packing machine

About Vacuum Packaging Machines:
1.Firstly, the vacuum packing machine must use the Air Compressor (I asked the new engineer before, and he made a serious mistake, and now he has been fired).
2. After checking the video you sent to me, after you setting up all the button (after equipped with the Air Compressor),you can press the button or step the pedal to start the machine

How to judge the quality of the vacuum packaging machine is a key problem. The quality problem of the vacuum packaging machine determines the packing speed, working efficiency, and even affect the service life. So, the quality of the vacuum packing machine is very important, simply look at the below: 
1, The selection of material, for now, most of the vacuum packing machine is more inclined to 304 stainless steel, not only the material is not easy to rust, but easy to clean, especially suitable for food vacuum packaging machine. 
2, Vacuum pump is equal to the CPU, also can saying is the brain of a vacuum machine, play a decisive role for vacuum packing, had better choose brand vacuum pump, and the price of vacuum pump is relatively high. 
3, Check whether the function of the vacuum packaging machine more facilitation, for vacuum machines with multi-functions and easy to operate, not only easy to use, but also convenient in maintenance. 
4, Configuration is links for vacuum machine normal use, executives configuration can not only improve the overall performance of the vacuum machine, but use time will be longer.

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