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Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machine High Speed Low Cost

Editor:Katherine time:2020-10-30 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
The wet wipes manufacturing machine works stably and continuously, suitable for all kinds of 4 sides sealed products such as wet wipes, baby wipess, alcohol wipes, hygine wipes etc. Autopackm.com offers high speed wipes manufacturing machine with low cost.
wet wipes manufacturing machine
Wet wipes manufacturing machine is fully automatic bag forming, photoelectric correction, no burrs, fault forming. The organization can be folded according to different types. Up to 8 vertical folds, 4 horizontal folds, can be folded freely by unfolding the width and length of the non-woven fabric.
※Using spray pump imported from Japan, the accuracy is improved by 0.01ML / time. Can provide a variety of liquids. It can add one liquid per bag or all liquids in the same bag.
※Two times sealing is better, to ensure the amount of liquid added, to avoid leakage.
This wipes manufacturing machine is easy to operate, PLC touch screen, can adjust the packaging temperature and speed according to the packaging material, product thickness and length. servo motor. Through the control of light, electricity and gas, the fault can be self-diagnosed and displayed clearly. The operating system language can be Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and other local languages.
※The whole machine is covered with stainless steel, with good appearance, easy to clean and durable.
wet wipes manufacturing machine
Fully automatic high speed wet wipes manufacturing machine is designed with intelligent PLC temperature control with an accuracy of ± 2 degrees. The required number of automatic alarm reminders, the required number of automatic batching and stacking. The full machine is covered with Stainless steel in good appearance, also easy to clear and durable. Low operation and maintenance cost.

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