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Automatic Cocoa Beans Weighing Packaging Machine|Chickpeas Pouch Filling Machine

  • Material:cocoa beans,chickpeas, peanuts,chips, snack, dried fruits, vagetable etc
  • Capacity:15-80 bag/min
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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Automatic Cocoa Beans Weighing Packaging Machine is a kind of multi-head scale granules packaging machine, which is suitable for fixed weight packing of granule materials such as paddy, wheat, rice, corn, seeds, granule feedstuff and compound fertilizer, etc. The cocoa beans packaging machine is with good sealing performance and can meet customer's hygienic requirements.
cocoa beans automatic packaging machine
Features of automatic cocoa beans packaging machine:
- Adopts servo motor for film pulling with automatic offset correction. Two types of driving motor, i.e. cylinder and servo can be adopted for horizontal sealing.
- Off-the-shelf components ensure quick service response.
- No-tool changeover, user-friendly operation process.
- All the electrical components adopt local and foreign well-known brands with reliable performance 
- Two types of vertical sealing mechanism, i.e. center sealing type and platen press type (the user can choose according to specific material and the film roll).
-  Robust, stainless steel frame.
The multi-head scale beans packaging machine is a weighing device, and the principle of the multi-head scale mainly utilizes the principle of combined weighing. Through the combination of the number of heads, the purpose of weighing is achieved, that is to say, the more the number of heads, the more the combination scheme is, the faster the speed is, and the higher the precision is. The electronic beans packing machine has 10 heads scales, 14 scales, 16 scales, 24 scales and more, each of which is a separate scale. It can be weighed independently.
snack chips packing machine for sale
Technical Data
Electronic scale Vertical packaging machine
Model LG14A-1.6 model LGLK 420
Voltage AC110/220V Film width MAX 420mm
Power frequency 50/60HZ Bag width 80-200mm
Rated current 10A Bag length 50-300 twice pull film 400mm
Power 2.0KW Packing speed 15-80 bag/min
Weighing number 14 Measuring range 150-1500ml
Weighing rang 3-6500g membrane thickness 0.04-0.10mm
Single weighing range 10-1200g Power Specifications 2.5kw/220v 50-60hz
Weighing capacity 1600ml Machine size 1400×970×1700
Maximum weighing speed 130p/min Machine quality 450kg
Product preset number 100 Air consumption 0.4 cubic / minute  0.6mpa
Long form factor 1020mm Packaging material Bopp/cpp. Bopp/vmcpp bopp/pe.
Pet/vmpet/pe  pet/al/pe  ny/pe   pet/pet
Wide size 960mm    
High profile 1400mm    
Machine weight 420kg    
monitor 10.4inch    
Weighing accuracy plus or minus 0.3-3 grams    


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