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Cashew Nuts Weighting Packaging Machine Customized Packing Solution

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Cankey offers cashew nuts packaging machine is designed with high-precision, high-standard special sensors; the arc-corner-shaped case and the new case cover make the machine more beautiful and more coordinated. The cashew nuts packaging machine can be used to pack peanuts, oatmeal, almond, cocoa beans, etc.
cashew nuts packaging machine

The main features of Cachew Nuts Packaging Machine:
♥Modular control system ensures the lowest failure rate
♥Modular control system makes troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment simple and clear
♥Color touch screen
♥The main vibration sensor replaces the traditional photoelectric eye
♥High-strength design, hopper and chute are made of 1.5mm thick 304 stainless steel
♥304 stainless steel overall structure
♥Open the doors one by one to prevent material blocking
♥Multiple combinations are suitable for heavy and bulky products

automatic cashew nuts packaging machine
Advantages of Automatic Nut Packing Machine
1. Servo control system make the machine run smoothly, move accruately, then achieve good performance and high efficiency.
2. The components are provided by domestic/international famous brand electronic companies.
3. Code printer, ink-jet printer, air exhausting device, punching system are optional.
automatic nut packing machine
Automatic cashew nuts packaging machine is not only with high packing speed and and high accuracy, but also can keep the shape of the packaging materials maintained well, and it is especially suitable for materials with irregular particles and blocks. Cankey provides customized packaging solutions, professional production, installation, commissioning, and training etc.
Technical Data
Composition Quantity
420 vertical packing machine 1
10 heads combination scale 1
Z type hoist 1
support platform 1
finished output machine 1


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