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Automatic Potato Chips Weight Packaging Machine|Pellet Snack Pouch Filling Machine

  • Material:potato chips,plantain chips,puffed food
  • Capacity:10-70 pc/min
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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This automatic potato chips packing machine adopts intelligent temperature controller and accurate temperature controller.This potato chips packing machine can be used to pack potato chips, plantain chips, banana chips, french fries, puffed food, namkeen, etc.
potato chips packing machine
Potato Chips packing machine
adopts PLC control servo motor, and double or single tensile membrane structure, and our machine’s sealing and cutting positions adopt automatic correction device, motor constitute a large display touch screen drive control core; Maximize the whole machine's control precision, reliability and the intellectualized degree.

The potato chips packing machine and measuring configuration can be done automatically measuring, feeding, filling bag, inflatable (exhaust), date printing all the packaging process, and automatic counting. Besides, automatic potato chips packaging machine is equipped with fault display system, timely help troubleshooting.
potato chips packing machine
Technical Data
Electronic scale Vertical packaging machine
Model LGA10-1.6 model LGLK520
Voltage AC110/220V Film width MAX 520mm
Power frequency 50/60HZ Bag width 90-250mm
Rated current 8A Bag length 80-350twice pull film450mm
Power 1.5KW Packing speed 10-70pc/min
Weighing number 10 Measuring range 150-2000ml
Weighing rang 3-6500g membrane thickness 0.04-0.10mm
Single weighing range 10-1000g Power Specifications 3kw/220v 50-60hz
Weighing capacity 1600ml Machine size 1430×1200×1700
Maximum weighing speed 70 pc/min Machine quality 650kg
Product preset number 100 Air consumption 0.4cubic / minute 0.6mpa
Long form factor 1050mm Packaging material Bopp/cpp. Bopp/vmcpp bopp/pe.
Pet/vmpet/pe  pet/al/pe  ny/pe   pet/pet
Wide size 900mm    
High profile 1330mm    
Machine weight 330kg    
monitor 7inch    
Weighing accuracy plus or minus 0.3-3 grams    


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