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Automatic Kuli Kuli Packing Machine|Granules Dal Packaging Machine

  • Material:particle,kuli kuli,snack,nut, snack
  • Capacity:10-1000ml
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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During the packaging process of the kulli kuli packing machine, the material is fed by the material stretching and feeding device, and the plastic film is formed into a cylindrical shape through the film cylinder, and the side surface is sealed by the heat longitudinal sealing device, and the package is injected into the bag, and the horizontal sealing mechanism is colored according to the color. The standard photodetection device cuts the package length and position.The vertical granule packing machine is suitable for packaging of granulated strips, short strips and powder strips such as puffed food, shrimp strips, peanuts, popcorn, oatmeal, melon seeds, jelly, white sugar, salt, dal, cashew nuts, chin chin,etc
kuli kuli packing machine
Equipment features of the kuli kuli dal packing machine:
1. Product packaging, printing date is completed once. Save time and save costs;
2. Optimized structural design, disassembly, cleaning is more convenient;
3. Horizontal and vertical sealing temperature independent control, better adapt to various packaging materials;
4. According to the material conversion opening and closing mode metering device.
Technical Data
Model LGLD320 LGLD350 LGLD480
Total Power 220V/2.5kw 220V/2.5kw 220v/1.8KW
Capacity 10-100ml 40-200ml 200-1000ml
Width of film 80-280mm 80-300mm 180-420mm
Bags size L:30-180mm w:30-130mm L:30-280mm w:30-140mm L:40-300mm w:80-200mm
Machine size 820*980*1680mm 820*980*1980mm 900*1100*2080
weight 300kg 300kg 450kg
Thickness of film 0.03mm-0.07mm 0.03mm-0.07mm 0.04mm-0.08mm


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