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Multihead Weigher Chicken Nuggets Pouch Packaging Machine

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The multihead weigher chicken nuggets packaging machine is suitable for automatic weighing and packaging for foods such as nuggets, frozen french fries, frozen dumplings, potato chips, candy, seeds, jelly, pet foods, peanuts, cashew nuts, raisins, dates etc.etc.
chicken nuggets packing machine

Features of Chicken nuggets automatic packing machine:
1. The weighing and packing machine is new design and beautiful. Pefect structure and advance technology.
2. Famous brand PLC computer control system and color touch screen control board. Make more easy operation and high effencient.
3. Automatic alarm device and much reduce loss.
4. Imported servo motors film pulling system and with electric eye sensor control make more accuracy and well performance to make perfect bag shape.
5. Can making various bag shape such as pillow bag, gusset bag, pouching whole, link bag, quod seal bag etc.
chicken nuggets pouch packing machine
Bag Types of nuggets packing plant
These machines can work with different bags of the following types: 
※ Standup pouches or Doypack pouches with zippers (equipped with pre-made bags giving machine)
※ Pillow bags 3-side sealed pouches 4-side sealed pouches 
PLC computer control system, human-machine touch screen. Accurate positioning, smoothly and stability running. The machine is designed with auto alarm protection function, to minimize the loss. Automatical process of measuring, feeding, filling, bag making, printing. Food grade stainless steel 304, safe and durable.
frozen nuggets packing machine

The frozen nuggets packing machine is easy to operate and maintain,only one worker needed. The packing machine uses the principle of alignment and combination to automatically calculate the load of each weighing unit, and obtains the combination of the closest quantitative value for packaging.
Technical Data
Model Composition Quantity
Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine 420 vertical packing machine 1
10 heads combination scale 1
Z type hoist 1
support platform 1
finished output machine 1


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