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Coated Peanuts Packaging Machine|Granule Sachet Packing Machine

  • Material:nuts,seeds,granules,grains,etc
  • Capacity:10-100ml
  • Loading Port:Qingdao port
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This Coated Peanuts Packaging Machine|Granule Sachet Packing Machine is mainly used for packing granular products such as sugar, salt, coffee, monosodium glutamate, spices, beans, peanuts, melon seeds, grains, nuts, cereals, tea, herbs, washing powder, desiccant, etc.
coating peanut packing machine
Features of Coated Peanuts Packaging Machine|Granule Sachet Packing Machine:
1. Infinitely adjustable-speed: Packaging speed within a certain range can be stepless adjustment, matching with bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, the packaging process is stable and reliable.
2. Bag length can be set arbitrarily during rating scale, stepper motor driver, speed can be selected.
3. When packaging film has color location mark, bag making process can realize automatic photoelectric detection, positioning, sealing, cutting, guarantees the bag design complete.
4. Design USES unique embedded sealing, enhanced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature controller, temperature control has good heat balance to adapt to a variety of packaging materials, good performance, low noise, strong sealing lines clear, sealing.
Technical Data
Model LGLD320
Total Power 220V/2.5kw
Capacity 10-100ml
Width of film 80-280mm
Bags size L:30-180mm w:30-130mm
Machine size 820*980*1680mm
weight 300kg
Thickness of film 0.03mm-0.07mm


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