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10 Head Fried Pork Skin Packaging Machine Factory Use

  • Application:Pork skin, nuggets, nuts, garlic etc
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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The fried pork skin packaging machine is designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of granules, with high precision and high speed, the machine is perfect for factory use. Pork skin packaging machine is suitable for packaging different kinds of foods such as potato chips, french fries, peanuts, chicken nuggets, frozen food, etc.
pork skin pouch filling machine
Fried Pork Skin Packaging Machine Details:
The full set of pork skin packaging machine with multi-head weigher includes: 1. date printer 2. PLC control system 3. pouch opening devices 4. vibrator 5. cylinder 6. magnetic valve 
7. temperature controller 8. vacuum pump  9. frequency convertor 10. output system
The machine improves the problems of manual packaging speed and measurement accuracy, making packaging into an assembly line, so it is very convenient and fast, making it easier to pack pork skin.
fried pork skin pouch filling machine

Features of pork skin packaging machine
♥ Comply with the sanitation requirements of food processing machines
♥ The machine materials contact parts adopt 304 stainless steels
♥ Simple design, easy to operate
♥ Automatic sealing temperature detection
♥ The machine adopts PLC and POD(touch screen)electrical control system
fried pork skin weighing packing machine
Autopackm.com offer fried pork skin snack packaging machine with 10-head, 12-head, 14-head weighers. High-precision digital weighing sensor makes the measurement instantaneous. Multiple languages like Chinese, English, Russian, French, Arabic and other languages LCD operating system makes the machine international.

Technical Data
Model Composition Quantity
Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine 420 vertical packing machine 1
10 heads combination scale 1
Z type hoist 1
support platform 1
finished output machine 1


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