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Automatic Dried Fruit Pouch Packaging Premade Bag Packing Equipment

  • Material:
  • Capacity:20-40bags/min
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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Automatic fried fruit pouch packaging machine is to the international level that are popular as a new type of packaging machine. This kind of premade bag packaging machine to replace the hand-bag packaging, packaging automation to achieve improved production efficiency and significantly reducing production costs, which is perfect for packaging dry fruits like dry peanuts, walnut, almond, pinenuts, pistachio nuts, coated peanuts, pecan, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, beans, seeds, dried berries, etc
Details of Fruit Chips Packaging Machine:
automatic chips packaging machine
The premade dry fruit pouch packaging machine interface is friendly, the operation is convenient, and it is equipped with a detection device, which can detect whether the machine has no packaging or the packaging bag is not opened.chips packaging machine manufacturer
The filling device is not filled, and the heat sealing device is not sealed, thereby avoiding waste of packaging materials and raw materials. The equipment uses a frequency conversion speed regulating device, which can be freely adjusted within a certain range according to actual needs during production. The specifications of the packaging bag can be quickly changed.
The width of the dry fruit pouch packaging machine may be adjusted easily and quickly by the adjusting handle. Only one bolt can be used to complete the conversion of 10 pairs of mechanical claw specifications, and the operation is simple. The normal service life is more than 10 years.
dried fruit packing machine

For Vertical Form Dry Fruit Filling Machine
granule filling machine
Technical Data
Packing Speed(Bags/Min)
Bag Size(mm)
W:120-210mm L:150-400mm
Filling Range
Total Power
Overall Dimensions(mm)


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