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Playing Card Box Cellophane Over Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

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This play cards automatic cellophane over wrapping machine is widely used in three-dimensional wrapping for high cards. The automatic cellophane overwrapping machine is used for overwrapping the square, rectangular product with a layer of cellophane(BOPP,OPP,PVC) the same as the packaging of playind card box, perfume box, cigarette, camphor tablets, etc
play card cellophane packing machine
Working Principle of Playing Card Cellophane Wrapping Machine 
The BOPP film is driven by the film roll and feeds the film in turn. When the film is sent to the cutter, the cutter cuts the film. When the push plate pushes the package forward, the inert film is pulled down and attached to the package, and the push plate continues to push the package and the film.
When pushing the lower refractive plate, the push plate is withdrawn. When the second package touches the first package, the first package is advanced by the thrust of the push plate, and the corner is started. Then, relying on the thrust of the push plate, the package naturally produces a chamfer, and the left and right seals are hot, the upper shape is formed, and the lower shape is hot-sealed to complete the entire packaging action.
cellophane box overwrapping machine
As a professional cellophane wrapping machine manufacturer, we produce different models of the machine, and can also custom according to the customers’ box size. 

Technical Data
Model CK-BTB-300B
Packaging material film and gold tear tape
Packing speed 40~80 boxes/min
Max.package size (L)240*(W)120*(H)60mm
Power 220V 50Hz  5kw
Machine weight 600kg
Machine dimensions (L)3000*(W)800*(H)1500mm


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