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Shampoo for Shachet Machine

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-08 Email: [email protected]
Shampoo for Shachet Machine (liquid filling machine), part of the contact material are all stainless steel, the amount of packaging in the nominal range stepless adjustment. The machine uses computer / PLC control system, simply set the desired display parameters (filling amount and length of bag), the machine will automatically complete the dosing piston pumps - a code (optional) - Bag - Filling - Sealing - punch (optional) - count.
Finished Map:
Shampoo for Shachet Machine Features
1, with a fault display system, easy operation and maintenance.
2, according to the material properties, matching a stirring device, the material barrel heating device.
3, according to customer requirements to replace the triangular closure or sealing the four sides and mold forming, to meet the needs of different products
Shampoo for Shachet Machine can also make milk, shower gel, shampoo, honey, dressings, jams, fresh

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