Automatic Sachet Water Filling Machine|Liquid Sachet Packaging Machine

  • Material:Water,Vinegar,milk,liquid,vinegar
  • Capacity:20-40, 28-60 bags per minute
  • Loading Port:Qingdao/Tianjin port
The automatic water|vinegar sachet packing machine adopts plunger bump volume measuring type, especial paste thing and easy to drop thing, like water, milk, vinegar, juice and so on. It is suitable for food, cosmetic, medicine and chemical industry and all kinds of viscosity even though soft compound. Its merit is fast, accurate, economic and practical.
vinegar sachet packing machine
Completely controlled by computer progress, from bag-make, measuring quantity, filling, sealing, printing date(steel sealing), easy opening, to bag cutting or linking, counting.

Water Sachet Filling Machine adopts correcting system controlled by microcomputer, owing to a response signal is and set pass through microcomputer it can accomplish whole set to synchronization, sack length, position fixing, voluntarily follow the tracks of light-mark and voluntarily diagnose trouble and show to screen.
Packing materials:

PET/PE,PET/PET AL/PE,PET/AL/PE,Paper/PE,BOPP/PE,nylon and other heat seal material,Thickness≤8 wire, core inner diameter of 75mm.coil outside diameter≤300mm.

Technical Data
Model LG-180J LG-688J
Bag size L: 50-170mm
W: 20-135mm
L: 50-300mm
W: 30-200mm
Capacity 20-40 Bags/min 28-60 Bags/min
Filling Range 5-300 ml 5-1000 ml
Power 220v, 50Hz, 1.5kw 220v, 50Hz,1.8kw
Weight 300 kg 350 kg
Dimension 1000*860*1900 mm(L*W*H) 1100*1000*2100 mm(L*W*H)


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