Liquid Water Bottling Line|Juice Bottle Filling Packaging Line

  • Material:water,juice,milk,etc
  • Capacity:1000bottles/h,can be customized
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
The total juice or water filling packaging line consists of Semi-automatic Bottle Washer, Automatic Filling Machine, Light Inspection, Automatic Cap Sealing Machine, Automatic Labelling Machine, Ink-jet Printer, and Conveyors.
The filling production process:
Semi-automatic Bottle Washer  → Put bottles Manually  →   Conveyor  →  Automatic 12-head Filling Machine  → Light Inspection  → Put caps manually  → Automatic Cap Sealing Machine  →  Labelling Machine  →  Ink-jet Printer  → Finished Product.

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liquid filling line

Technical Data
Machine Name Model Unit Quantity
1.Semi-automatic Bottle Washer LGCP-32 set 1
2.Automatic 12-head Filling Machine LGZRZL-12 set 1
3.Light Inspection   set 1
4.Autoamtic Cap Sealing Machine LGZRXG-1 set 1
5.Automatic Labelling Machine LGZRTB-A set 1
6.Ink-jet Printer LGSIJ-200 set 1
7.Conveyor   Meter 10
8.Speed Control Conveyor   set 2


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