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CK-300 Tomato Ketchup Sauce Sachet Packaging Machine For Sale

  • Application:Tomato ketchup,chili sauce,peanut butter,soybean paste,cream etc
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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This Tomato Sauce Ketchup Packaging Machine is suitable for automatic packaging of liquid and viscous fluid state. Such as: fruit jam, Shampoo, shower gel, skin lotion, tooth paste, cosmetic cream, mayonnaise, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup, spaghetti sauce etc..

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tomato sauce filling machine
Tomato ketchup sachet packaging machine can finish automatically all processes, from measuring, date printing, making bag, filling, and cutting. Spring pressure knife principle, easy for maintenance.

Sauce sahcet packaging machine adopts filled with the filling of oneself and certain quantity. The seal is firm seal and long-shaped fully.
Belong to packing material of hot-sealing, such as polyester/polyethylene, nylon-compound membrane, strengthen-compound membrance, BOPP and so on.
sauce sachet packging machine
Please Note:
1. Packing tomato sauce into 10g is the most common. Most customers use this packaging for packing 10g into two-side sealing type or three-side sealing type.
2. McDonald's and KFC is packing 10g into four-side type.
3. The tomato sauce packaging machine can also packing into 70gram with four-side sealing type. 
4.If packing 20g honey and 10g sauce, packing type is same (such as both two-side sealing), can use one machine; if packing 20g honey into two-side sealing, packing 10g sauce into three or four-side sealing, need 2 sets machine. 
5. For packing 20g honey and packing 70g sauce, the packing type is same (such as both four-side sealing), one machine is ok, but need to buy extra bag former.


Technical Data
Model CK-300
Pakcing range 10-100ml 
Packing Speed 40-80 Bags/min
Bag Size Making L:40-280mm |W: 20-120mm
Power 1.8KW/220V
Thickness of Packing Film 0.03-0.07mm
Diameter of Rolling Paper =<400
Weight 350kg
Dimension 780*920*1680mm


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