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Tobacco Cutter Machine and Bag Sealing Machine

Editor:Ella, time:2019-06-20 Email: [email protected]
Customers from African countries in our company bought two machines, a machine is cut tobacco machine other machine is packaging bags sealing machine. The size of the requirements of tobacco to 1 mm
Tobacco Cutter Machine rotating cutter speed cutting, by adjusting the speed of the conveyor belt, it will be all kinds of vegetables and cut into sections, shredded, chopped. Uniform thickness and length, cut fresh tissue, without destroying the characteristics of fibrous tissue. Can cut tobacco, onions, cabbage, celery, parsley, beans, cucumbers, peppers, sausage and so on.
cutter machine
Continuous sealing machine with continuous carry, seal and print in one function, electronic climate control and variable speed transmission mechanism, applicable to all kinds of plastic film materials for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food, cosmetics, lubricants, etc. industry aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, plastic bag sealing machine over

continuous sealing machine

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