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Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine|Stretch Film Vacuum Packing Machine

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Automatic packing machine is using the shaping mould to pack, firstly heating , shaping and then being packed. This machine can applied to use packing the solid, liquid or something soft and crisp. It is clean,high speed power saving and labor saving, suitable for packing frozen meat, meat, bean product, sea product and even hard wares ,its will be widely used in the future. 
Application Scope:
Vacuum Packing Machine applles to vacuum , gas added and tight packing for all kinds of plastic bags, aluminum full bagg. It can supply vacuum package for meat products , pickle products , marine products , frozen products , cooked food, fresh vegetable, medical products, chemical products, metal products, electrical componets, and so on . 
vacuum packing machine
Main Performances and Features of the vacuum packing machine
(1)This machine adopts PLC programmable controller and operates accurately and steadlly. 
(2)Mitaublshl serve/convertor. 
(3)Date Printer for different product specification. 
(4)Adding nitrogen or other fresh gas inside bag before vacuum . 
(5)Photocelectric automatic tracking device. 
(6)Imported chain , eas to form for varlous films flexible film , rigid film,etc. 
(7)Import the system of recycle the leftover material keep helth enviroment. 
(8)Board stryle structure, easy to replace and operate . 

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