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Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-04-08 Email: [email protected]
1.Double chamber vacuum packaging machine is one kind of packaging machines, the double chamber vacuum packing machine using its vacuum chamber to evacuate the bag , then filled with inert gas in order to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion warranty. 
2.Automatic double chamber vacuum packaging machine is designed for moisture contains product, using Japan control lines, and adopt the advanced technical design in the same area world widely .
3.And electrical parts of vacuum packing machine, it adopts the micro-computer control system , which charactorised in waterproof, moisture-proof,low rate failure, long working life, all these charactors makes the machine easy to clean , it totally ok with water cleaning .
4.And the machine frames adopts the national standard SUS 304, the special slide table design ensure the unrelease of the water , and makes the moisture content product vacuum packing much easier to operate .  
vacuum packing machine

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