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Book Shrink Wrapping Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2016-11-07 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
book shrink wrapping machineShrink wrapping machine is with wide application, mainly used for packing bottles, book, cups, box,daily necessities, drug, cosmetics,drinks,fruit, mark label etc. Shrink packaging machine to shrink the first product to put together, after the first pass when the film will fall on the packaging of the items, but this time out of the packaging effect is not very good, so after the first After the two off the effect is very good-looking, such as food, beer plastic film outside the packaging, packaging out of the appearance is very beautiful. Shrink machine can also be equipped with disinfecting dryer together to form complete sets of equipment package chopsticks.
The main features of Shrink Wrapping Machine:
1. Adopt the edge seal design, sustainability knife edge seal sealing,packing product length is not restricted, so that a wider range of packaging.
2. Edge sealing and transverse sealing height can be adjusted up and down, sealing line can be adjusted according to the height of the packaging to the center position, to make products more attractive packaging.
3. OMRON PLC programmable controller and toudh screen controls,various settings, operations can be easily done on the touch screen; At the same time can store a variety of product data in advance, when used only from the touch screen to call up the parameters.
4. The machine uses heated air circulation to shrink more, with dual frequency control, can adjust the air volume and velocity hair transported using roller conveyor, book shrinking machinerolled out-sourcing temperature silicone true, are each free to rotate, in order to achieve optimal contraction effect.
5. Regulating pilot membrane device height and the feed conveyor platform, you can not package different width and height of the mold and product replacement bag device.
6. Cards with the United State bonner photoelectric detection, horizontal and vertical detection of a group, you can choose to swith papckaging thinner and smaller items.
7. Seal cutter adopts non-stick coating,sealing will not crack,not coking,seal cutter with automatic protection features to prevent mistakenly cut packaging.
8. OMRON inverter control feed conveyor,discharge conveyor edge seal,put the film transport motor transport and winders, panasinoc servo motor control transverse sealing knife, sealing and cutting to ensure precise positioning and sealing and cutting items and beautiful,all devices can be frequency control packing speed can reach 30-70pack/minute.

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