Shrinking Machine For Boxes|iPhone Box Shrink Wrapping Machine LG-6040

  • Material:Book, note,bottle, etc
  • Capacity:Can be adjusted according to requirement.
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
The main features of box shrink wrapping machine|iphone box packaging machine:
1.The machine uses electronic speed control motor,Large range of speed regulation, weight-bearing up to 40kg.
2. Heat shrinkage furnace adopts fully enclosed endogenous wind circulation device, product shrink packaging effect is good.
3. PE film, heat shrinkable packaging machine appearance is novel and attractive, convenient operation and maintenance, can be applied to any heat shrinkable packaging shrink film.
Technical Data
Model LG-6040
Transmission bandwidth 565mm
Shrinkage furnace long 1500/1800mm
The furnace chamber size 600*400mm
Entrance length 200mm
Exports length 800mm
Voltage and power 380V 22kw
Machine size 2500/2800×840×1375mm
weight 270Kg/300Kg


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