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Shrink Wrap Machine For Bath Bombs For Industrial Use

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Automatic shrink wrap machine for bath bombs is a high-speed automatic packaging machine. All imported electrical components are used in this machine, with simple operation, reliable quality and stable performance. The heat shrinkable machine has high-efficiency dual temperature zones, stepless speed regulation, and automatic temperature control. 
shrink wrap machine for bath bombs

Main features of bath bomb shrink wrapping machine:
★ Color touch screen control system, driven by three servo motors, the whole machine is easy to operate, has high stability and high packaging efficiency. The failure rate is low; the bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted independently, and the operation is convenient and accurate.
★ The anti-cut safety clutch device will not damage the package.
★ High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, mathematical input of sealing and cutting positions, making sealing and cutting positions more accurate.
★ Temperature independent PID control, better suitable for various coating materials.

Shrink wrap machine for bath bombs is designed with simple transmission, reliable working performance. Positioning stop function, no sticking to the knife, no waste of film. It can be equipped with a typewriter or a jet printer without manual use.
Application scope:
Skin package for grouped food and drinks, bowl noodles, milk tea, mosquito coils, wallpaper, exercise books, filters, electrical switches, a variety of stationery, industry parts, commodities and cosmetics, etc.

Technical Data
Model CK-120
Max Film size ≤590mm
Packing size L:60mm-320mm
Packing speed 30-150(bag/min)
Film type PE;PVC;POF
Power consumption 3.6KW+16.5KW
Power supply host:220V, 50HZ; Heat shrinkable machine:380V, 50HZ
Envelop dimensions 5000x1105x1450mm
Shrinking machine 2400x600x1700mm
Weight 1600KG


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