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Automatic Cucumber Shrink Wrapping Machine For Sale

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This automatic cucumber shrinking machine is a PE film heat shrinking packaging machine, widely used in beverage, food and other industries, which is suitable for PE film or other plastic film packaging such as mineral water, beer, bottles, and cans.
The heat shrink packaging machine accurately controls the sealing time through the time relay to improve the quality of the sealing. The entire sealing action is pneumatically controlled, with manual and automatic functions, which reduces the work intensity and improves the work efficiency.
automatic cucumber shrink wrapping machine
Principle characteristics of automatic cucumber shrink wrapping machine:
This cucumber shrinking machine uses far-infrared radiation to directly heat shrink films such as PE, PVC, POP, PP, etc., to shrink the packaging material and wrap the product tightly, so that the packaging can fully show the appearance of the article to achieve the shrinking effect, and will never damage the packaging. Infinitely variable speed, solid-state pressure regulator temperature control, stable and reliable, has the function of sealing, shrinking, moisture-proof, anti-pollution and protecting items from external impact. The external cooling fan is used to achieve the best shrinking effect.
Product performance of cucumber shrink wrapping machine:
1. Using control components
2. The sealing knife adopts anti-loss design, the sealing is firm, does not crack, and does not stick to the knife
3. Automatic material pushing, film feeding, sealing and cutting
4. The feed fixed frame can be adjusted arbitrarily according to different specifications of the product
5. Suitable for multi-combination product packaging with or without bottom support, suitable for PE shrink film
cucumber shrink wrapping machine price
The cucumber shrink wrapping machine can be ordered according to customer needs. A brand-new vegetable heat shrinking packaging machine with intelligent and automatic functions. Cover the utensils with plastic wrap, and do not fill them to avoid touching food, especially vegetables, fruits, and fresh food. 
Automatic cucumber shrink wrapping machine is designed reducing the working time, and keep vegetable fresh, making the food look more fresh and attractive,which can reduce the use of cling film and save costs.
Technical Data
Heat Cutting Machine CK-FL450
Power(KW) 1.5
Voltage AC220V/50/60HZ
Max Packing Size L*W(MM) 550*450
Max Sealing Size(MM) <500
Packing Speed(bag/min) 15-30
Gas Source 6-8Kg/cm^2
Shrink Film POF/PE
Machine Size 1650*880*1450
Weight 280KG
Shrink Wrapping Machine CK-BS4525LA
Voltage 220-380V/50-60HZ 3Phase
Power(KW) 6.5
Load(KG) 30
Heat Tunnel Size(mm) 900*450*250
Machine Size(mm) 1200*700*1000
Transfer Speed(m/s) 0-10
Weight(KG) 120


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