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Automatic Soap Shrink Wrapping Machine For Sale

  • Application:POF,PE,PVC
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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This automatic soap shrink packing machine is widely used in foodstuff, drinks, printing, pharmaceutical, floor, hardware and other industries shrink packaging. It is suit POF, PE, PVC and other packaging material.
shrink wrap packing machine for sale
Features of soap automatic shrink wrapping machine:
⚪It adopts Schneider AC contactor, high-power Solid-state booster and intelligent temperature controller to make temperature system more accurate, prolong the working life. 
⚪It adopts solid roller conveyor, the rollers wrapped with high temperature silica gel tube. It can stand heavy product and difficult abraded (you can choose net type conveyor)
soap shrink packaging machine
⚪It adopts high-power fan motor to ensure enough strong wind to reach perfect packing effect. 
⚪Inside wall adopts stainless steel; it has fast temperature transfer, even heating, low energy consumption, long working life characteristics.

Advantages of Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine:
☆ The heat shrinkable film machine adopts stainless steel heating tube with automatic heat dissipation function, which prolongs the service life of the machine by more than 3 times; the shrinking temperature and conveying speed are adjustable, and the performance is stable.
☆ The soap heat shrink wrapping machine has a high-power circulating motor, and the hot air is even. The conveyor chain rollers are all made of 45# steel solid roller shafts with external silicone sleeves, which are load-bearing and the shrink film is not easy to burn.

Technical Data
Model CK-FL450
Power 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
Packaging Speed 15 - 35 packs/min
Size of l-type sealing cutter 570x480 mm
Packing height 150 mm
Package Size Width + height< 400mm,  Length + height < 480mm
Packing Materials POF,PE, Folded film
Maximum Film 530mm (width ) x  280mm(Outer diameter)
Furnace Size 1200(L) x 450(W) x 220(H) mm
Total Power 8.5 kW
Platform Height 780-850 mm
Pressure 0.5MPa (5 bar)
Dimensions 1600 x 770 x 1450mm 1600 x 600 x 1260mm
Weight 450kgs


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