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Box Shrink Packaging Machine|Commercial Drinking Bottle Shrink Machine

  • Material:POF,PE,PVC
  • Capacity:0-25 pcs/min
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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This box shrink packing machine is widely used in foodstuff, drinks, printing, pharmaceutical, floor, hardware and other industries shrink packaging. It is suit POF, PE, PVC and other packaging material.
bottle shrink packing machine
Feature of the bottle shrink packing machine:
1.It adopts Schneider AC contactor, high-power Solid-state booster and intelligent temperature controller to make temperature system more accurate, prolong the working life. 
2.It adopts solid roller conveyor, the rollers wrapped with high temperature silica gel tube. It can stand heavy product and difficult abraded (you can choose net type conveyor)
3.It adopts high-power fan motor to ensure enough strong wind to reach perfect packing effect. 
4.Inside wall adopts stainless steel; it has fast temperature transfer, even heating, low energy consumption, long working life characteristics.
5.With visual window.
Technical Data
Model LGDQL5545 LGDSD4520 
Power 2.1KW 12.8kw
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ 380V 50HZ/60HZ
Sealing time 0.2-1.0s  
Thickness of film 0.012-0.06mm  
Compressor of work 5-6mpa /
Max packing size L+2H≤550mm;W+2H≤450mm;H ≤140mm W450×H200
Max sealing size L550×W450 Loading weight: 10kg
Capacity 0-25 pcs/min 0-10 m/min
Sealing temperature 180℃—250℃ depends on thickness of film and environment temperature
Packing material POF PVC
Machine weight(kg) 320 180
Machine size(mm) 1760*940*1580 External L1600×W720×H1445


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