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Bopp Film Automatic Film Over Wrapping Machine For Sale

Editor:Katherine time:2017-10-13 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
cellophane box packing machine
This automatic bopp film overwrapping machine is used for wrapping the square, rectangular and even trapezium shaped product with a layer of cellophane paper, packing effect is the same as the packaging of cigarette, which is suitable for single and bundles packaging of various pharmaceuticals, condom, health-care products, confectionery, chewing gum, tea, coffees, perfumes, cosmetics, notepad, scratchpad, stationery, eraser, digitalmedia, VCD/DVD/CD cassette, tape, tobaccos, playing cards, napkin paper, etc.
1. No need to adjust the machine when changing the mold work both sides of the table height, without dismantling the material of the chain, put the hopper, will replace the traditional mold machine four hours now shortened to only 30 minutes. 
2. This bopp film over wrapping machine adopts new double insurance agencies, when the cartridge without downtime but also to ensure synchronous operation of the machine.
3. Hand means original way prevent reverse swing machine, and run the hand  wheel does not turn allows the operator safer. 
4. The new dual-rotary film cutter knife and pull mouth can ensure continuous machine they use for many years without sharpening mouth, to overcome the traditional fixed single rotating cutting blade easily worn membrane defects.


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