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Semi-automatic Cellophane Box Over Wrapping Machine Introduction

Editor:Katherine time:2017-10-20 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
semi-automatic cellophane wrapping machine
Semi-automatic cellophane over wrapping machine is widely used in medicine, health care, food, cosmetics, stationery, audio and video products and other industries in the various pieces of box type film automatic packaging (with gold wire).
The performance characteristics of semi-automatc box cellophane over wrapping machine:
1. Film packaging moistureproof, dustproof, oil proof, anti-counterfeiting function.
2. Specific heat shrink packaging machine greatly improves the packaging yield and decorative effect, enhance the market competitiveness of packaging products, can increase sales, and increase the added value of the product.
3. The specific heat shrink packaging machine can save more than eighty percent. Two years of electricity savings can buy a semi-automatic transparent film packaging machine
4. Low price, less than 1/3 of fully automatic transparent film packaging machine.
5. Stable operation, high reliability, almost no maintenance
6. Semi-automatic box cellophane over wrapping machine is with wide daptability, which can complete dozens of specifications of the box packaging. Mold low price, replacement is simple, quick and convenient
7. The machine is compact in structure, small in space, light in weight and almost unlimited in packing area.


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