The Introduction of The Total Bottle Filling Line

Editor:Katherine time:2016-08-22 Email:
The total bottle filling line consists of:

1 LGCP-32 Semi-automatic Bottle Washer 
Main Parameters:
Rinsing heads: 32
Production capacity: 2300 bottles / h
Water consumption: 1m3 / h
Motor power: 0.37kw

2 LGZRZL-12Automatic 12-head Filling Machine  Main Parameters:
Voltage:50HZ/60HZ  380v,three phase.
Filling Range:100-2000ml
Filling Speed:1000 bottle per hour(1000ml one bottle)
Equipped with air supply:0.5-0.8MPa
Working Pressure:0.6-0.7MPa
Overall Dimension:1800X900X2200mm 

3 LGZRXG-1 Automatic Cap Sealing Machine Main Parameters:
Bottle Size:150—400mm
Overall Dimension:1000*1000*1800mm
4.Automatic Labelling Machine Main Parameters:
Specifications Voltage: AC220V 50 / 60HZ single-phase
Energy power: 300W
Dimensions: 2000 (L) × 700 (W) × 1270 (H) mm
Labeling speed: 40-80 bottles / min (standard speed 3.5m / min)
Material conveying direction: it left to right
Machine weight: 200KG
Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm ​​(except error is affixed with the label itself)
Types of bottles: round bottles.
Suitable container: diameter 16-150 mm, height 35-400 mm
Applicable range of tags: height 15-200 mm, length 23-400 mm

5.LGSIJ-200 Ink-jet Printer Main Parameters:
Power supply: 220 ± 20 VAC
Power: 100VA
Size: 500 × 422 × 300mm
Sprinklers: 200 × 39 × 20mm
Control Panel: Touch the button Film
Material: Full Stainless Steel
Catheter length: 3m