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Mango Juice Bottle Filling Machine

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Mango Juice Bottle Filling Line or liquid filling line is generally used in a variety of liquid, paste, semi-fluid materials such as cleaning, filling, capping, labeling, printing, etc.Currently the fluid filling line is generally divided into rotary linkage, and linear types.The cleaning machine can be designed depends on different shapes of bottes, generally track type, rotary type backflush, inflatable type. The user must select the most satisfied with the washing machine according to their bottle-shaped.
mango juice filling machine

Depending on the part of the filling material, usually a DC or liquid pumping metering; paste commonly used pressure piston metering; and for containing granular material using a screw metering. According to the different requirements of materials can be used aerated, vacuum, vacuum, pressure and other filling methods.
Due to cover a wide variety of cover types, different models of the mold. Currently popular caps generally have the following: screw caps, theft, three or four cap, beer cap duckbill cap, nozzle cap, other special-shaped cover. Automatic capping machine due to different caps, is also divided into automatic capping machine, automatic rolling cover machine, automatic capping machines. Due to technical problems and production, as well as semi-automatic capping machine, capping machine rolling, seaming machines.
Based in part on material labeling and labeling requirements, popular in the country is generally self-adhesive labeling machine, hot melt labeling machine, paste labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine four categories. Usually drink bottles common in sleeve labeling machine with hot melt adhesive labeling machines, common in ordinary bottles sticker labeling machine, glass bottle with a special glue labeling machine.
Identification section are also divided into different types, there are ribbon coding (often feature on the labeling machine), ink printing code machine (alone or match use), printer (standalone). Logo machine type generally used in date marking, serial number identification, origin logo.
The working process:
1. After the container washing machine after cleaning, into the washer bottle red flip.
2. Rinse the container after due to the different product requirements for drying or sterilization. (For different sectors concerned)
3. After processing the container reaches the filling head below quantitative filling. (Depending on the filling material in different ways using conventional liquid filling material DC, paste-like material using a pressure filling, powder metering screw , metering the amount of glass pellets. gas-containing material with a negative pressure filling.)
4. After the material after filling capping machine capping. (Depending on the lid, you can also use a vacuum cover, or directly or capping cover or lid, etc.)
5. Capping product after due process, after the process is different. Usually you want to label or sleeve labels,
6. Finally, the production date or batch identification devices.
7. the finished output.

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