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Introduction of CD Perfume Box Cellophane Packaging Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-13 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
Automatic CD perfume box cellophane packing machine is on the basis of model LGB-300A cellophane wrapping machine type to achieve further improvement. It uses bopp or pvc film wrapping a small box, automatic conveying, stacking, forming, sealing. Its appearance is smooth, beautiful, tight and packaging can be automatically paste anti-counterfeiting, easy to pull. 
box cellophane packaging machine
This automatic cellophane box packaging machine can use artificial feeding or cartoning machine with front end and back end packing machine to realize automatic packaging. This will greatly improve the efficiency of the packaging, reduce the packaging cost, improve the level of the enterprise products, thus enhance the market competitiveness of products, improve the added value of the product. At present, it is the first choice to replace the traditional heat shrink packaging, which is the best choice for modern assembly packaging. The packaging material is OPP BOPP film, hot - bonded glass paper and anti - counterfeit gold - drawn wire.
cellophane over wrapping machine


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