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Perfume Box Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine CKBTB-300C

  • Material:medical box,tea box,perfume box, etc
  • Capacity:30-50 bags/min
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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This is new model CKBTB-300C perfume box automatic wrapping machine, which can be used to pack different kinds of boxes, lilke medical box, perfume box, cigarette box, cosmestics, CD/DVD/VCD, poker, etc. The cellophane perfume wrapping machine adopts imported digital display frequency converter and electrical components, which has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, firm sealing, and smooth appearance.
perfume box cellophane wrapping machine

The advantages of automatic perfume cellophane wrapping machine:
1. With features of sealed, moistureproof, anti-counterfeiting, dust prevention and improve the compressive strength of the box, which is an ideal equipment to improve the product grade, product value and display.
2. Stable and reliable operation, sealing solid, smooth and beautiful and so on, this automatic cellophane overwrapping machine can be a single item or box automatically wrapped, feeding, folding, heat sealing, packaging, counting, and automatically paste the security easy to pull line.
3. Click to finish a variety of packaging specifications, just replace the diaphragm and a small number of parts can be packaged with different specifications (size, height, width) box packaging.
4. Safe and stable, silence good, long life and other characteristics, make up for the previous automatic three-dimensional packaging machine high prices, easy to operate, vulnerable, the noise caused by the high cost of the problem, which is the best choice for small and medium enterprises.
cellophane wrapping machine for perfume

Technical Data
Model CKBTB-300C
Capacity 40-80bag/min
Packing Material OPP, BOPP, PVC
Lenth of Packing size(mm) 50-240mm
width of Packing size((mm) 20-140mm
high of Packing size((mm) 10-80mm
size(mm) 3000*800*1500mm
Weight 600kg
Total power 5kw
Power 220v(50hz)


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