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BTB-290 Cellophane Wrapping Machine 30~70 packs/min

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Cellophane wrapping machine BTB-290 with packing speed 30-70packs.min is widely used in various perfumes, cosmetics, skin care products, medicines, health food, condoms, cigarette boxes, contact lenses, candy/chocolate boxes, playing cards, stationery, CD/DVD boxes, various magnetic discs, etc.Quickly adjust and pack products of different sizes.


The cellophane film is transparent in appearance, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-oxidation. The cellophane packaging machine has a wide range of uses and can be used for food, medicine, cosmetics, health care products, stationery, etc. The cellophane packaging machine is carefully designed to meet different levels of three-dimensional transparent film packaging requirements.

★ Compact and reasonable structure, stable and advanced performance, easy operation and maintenance, and the outer frame is made of stainless steel;
★ Adopt multi-function digital display frequency converter, stepless speed change;
★ With automatic feeding, automatic counting and other functions;
★ The transmission part is equipped with various protection devices and fault prompts;
★ Equipped with film feeding clutch for test machine, no waste of packaging materials.
★ The packing speed adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can reach 30-70 packs/min according to different packing items.
cellophane wrapping machine for sale
The cellophane packaging machine BTB-290  is completed by a series of cams inside the machine to drive various connecting rods and components. It adopts multi-function digital display frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, PLC programming control technology, automatic box feeding, automatic counting, touch display to realize man-machine Interface, pneumatic falling film; and can be used in conjunction with other production lines
Technical Data
Model BTB-290
Packaging material film and gold tear tape
Packing speed 30~70 packs/min
Max.package size (L)60-260×(W)30-160×(H)15-70mm
Power 220V 50Hz 5kw
Machine weight 380kg
Machine dimensions (L)1500×(W)850×(H)1700mm


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