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Box Cellophone Wrapping Machine For Sale

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Cellophone Wrapping Machine is widely used in medicine, health care products, food, cosmetics, stationery, audio and video products and other industries in a variety of box-type items, single-piece automatic packaging ; Boxed drugs, poker, notes paper, audio and video products and other items wrapped, which can play a moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-counterfeiting effect, but also conducive to improving the product packaging grade, improve product value.
cellophane wrapping machine
Features of LONGER Cellophone Wrapping Machine:
The machine adopts imported PLC man-machine interface control, its action adopts cylinder drive, lower film system adopts servo motor control, can adjust the film size arbitrarily, it has stable and reliable operation, smooth and beautiful sealing, maintenance-free and so on. According to user needs to design new models.
glassine overwrapping machine
After-sales services:
1, The factory inspection: Each product factory have professional quality inspection personnel debugging testing, qualified before leaving the factory.
2, The product transport: the factory transport unit to ensure safe delivery to the customer specified location.
3, Commissioning Installation: After the product enters the customer's designated location, the factory will reply within 24 hours after the customer is ready to complete the required materials and notify the factory. Commissioning personnel will be the fastest within 24 hours to reach the location of the machine; such as traffic inconvenience or distance, our factory staff will arrive within 72 hours. And debug the product.
4, Oerational training: commissioning of the customer's operator to be trained, until the operator can operate independently.
5, The machine warranty for one year, maintenance replacement parts only cost-free time.

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